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2017 Denver Digital Summit: Top Takeaways

A few weeks ago, our PlaceWise team attended the 2017 Digital Summit, a digital marketing conference that landed right here in the heart of Denver (and just a few blocks from our office).

Over the 2-day event, the bustling crowd of attendees and digital marketing professionals was lively and awesome. We got to meet and network with other fellow industry leaders from across the nation and attend nearly 20 different thought leadership presentations. We were especially inspired by the keynote speakers Seth Godin (the digital marketing guru and renowned author) and Morgan Spurlock (the award-winning filmmaker and subject behind “Super Size Me”)!


Here are our top takeaways from the conference that’d we’d like to share with you:


1. Adapting to changing marketing systems is a must. In the marketing world, the “systems” or ways we market to our audience naturally shift and change as technology advances and improves. From print to radio to television to digital, the landscape of marketing is ever-evolving and it is vital for companies and brands to adapt to new marketing trends in order to survive. If there’s a new way to do something in marketing, do it! Hard work isn’t the only aspect of success; it’s the audacity to adapt to changing systems and keep up with new and emerging ways to market.


2. When it comes to digital marketing, bigger is not better. Appealing to a smaller consumer audience actually gains the greatest amount of customer conversion and loyalty. Through leveraging first and third party marketing data, you can identify and better understand your small audiences, create more meaningful content, and deliver a more personalized and memorable experience to your customers. If you can really speak to your smaller audiences, then they are likely to enroll in your company or brand’s story for the long-run. To find out how PlaceWise can help your center use data for better digital marketing, contact your sales rep.


3. Social media evolution is inevitable, so jump in and get creative! Similar to our first point about the ever-changing marketing world, social media platforms are also always changing and it’s important to keep up. If your community has a greater Facebook presence, then make sure you are marketing on Facebook. If they’re on Snapchat, then focus your attention there. Be original on each of your social media channels and work within the creative confines of each platform – invest in a Snapchat geofilter, run a flash sale on Instagram, or announce a limited-time deal on Facebook. Get creative and remember who and where your audience is online. Contact your sales rep to learn how PlaceWise can help your center improve its social media marketing.


4. Strategic omnichannel digital marketing and campaign tracking is key. Your digital marketing plan should be a strategic net of display ads, native advertising, visual advertising (especially video, which is processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than written content), and social media and email marketing. This web of multiple digital marketing strategies is referred to as omnichannel marketing. Tracking the success of your omnichannel campaigns while also leveraging first and third party data ensures that your marketing budget is as organized as possible and your money is being well spent. Questions about data, omnichannel marketing strategies, and tracking the success of your center’s campaigns? Contact your sales rep.


5. “Mobile is first.” Along with omnichannel marketing, providing an optimal digital experience to your mobile audience has quickly become a fundamental requirement in the digital marketing world. We heard many speakers urge that “mobile is first” and should always be at the center of your marketing action plan. Fast mobile sites directly correlate with positive conversion rates, while slow mobile sites cause poor customer experiences. The greater quality your mobile experience is across multiple devices, the better. Ensure your center’s mobile experience is the best it can be — contact your sales rep.


6. Digital marketing is about “bridging the gap” between the in-person experience and the online experience and unifying of these two experiences into one. Experience, experience, experience! The value of customer experience could not be stressed enough. Whether your customers are online, offline, or both, the overall experience you provide them should be as memorable and consistent as possible. What matters the most – and what is also integral to PlaceWise’s core mission – is that the quality of your online experience and your on-premise experience match and work together to reinforce one another. Know your audience, know your customers, and make sure their experience at your center as well as on your website (and your social media channels, with your email programs, etc.) are symbiotic parts of the same whole. The point of digital marketing is to help “bridge the gap” between your customers’ digital experience and on-premise experience, creating unity and consistency.


Questions about how PlaceWise can drive your center’s digital success? Talk to your sales rep today and we can help you get started!