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IT’S TIME TO GET PERSONAL: The “dos and don’ts” of email marketing

Email is a crucial marketing and communication tool for your center. It's an excellent way to connect with your shoppers, learn more about them, and cultivate their loyalty to your center.

But beyond the basics of email marketing, "getting personal" with your email content (truly understanding your shoppers' preferences) is key to your center's success.

Compared to general mall marketing email, email with personalized content based on shoppers' preferences has a 47% better open rate. PlaceWise examined over 105 million emails sent this year on behalf of our clients. Personalized email powered by PlaceWise's shopper profile system averaged a 25% open rate (7% CTR), while general mall marketing email averaged a 17% open rate (2% CTR). This tells us that our shoppers, by far, prefer email that contains personalized content that is relevant to their interests.

Personalized email is better email, so it's vital for your center to harness the power of personalization and make sure your email marketing practices are working for you, not against you. 


Want to improve your email game? Unsure about the general "dos and don'ts" of email? Here are the top 5 best practices when it comes to email marketing: 


1. Don't spam your shoppers. No one likes a flooded inbox, so be mindful about how many emails you are sending to your shoppers. The more emails you send, the more likely your shoppers will feel "spammed" and are likely to unsubscribe.


2. Never send the exact same email twice. Duplicate emails, even if they are spaced out over several weeks, are a huge no-no when it comes to email best practices. Receiving the same email more than once is "spammy" and impersonal and will cause your shoppers to unsubscribe from your list. Instead of resending the same email again, make some edits like swapping out the images, changing the layout or design, and reworking the content and subject line.


3. Keep your subject line snappy. The shorter and simpler the subject line, the better. Don't be afraid to get creative with fun rhymes, witty puns, or a clever play on words. Remember: the idea is to get your shopper to open the email to find out more, not just read the subject line and think they've seen enough.


4. Keep your email content concise, and always include links to your website. Text-heavy emails have a close to zero click-through rate. This means that once opened, the reader has no reason to visit your center’s website because all of the information they need is available in the body of the email. To help inspire your readers to click-through to your center’s website, make sure to keep the written content to a very minimum and include plenty of opportunities for the reader to click (buttons and hyperlinks are your friends!). An email should also be aesthetically pleasing, so make sure to always balance text with an image so that the layout is inviting and easy on the eyes.


5. Review, review, review! Always make sure you have at least three pairs of eyes reviewing the final draft of the email before it is activated and delivered. This rule guarantees that errors never go unseen and emails containing typos or mistakes aren't accidentally delivered (which reflects very poorly on your center, especially if you have to follow-up with a "correction" email). Having several peers or colleagues review your draft is also a great way to involve the rest of your team, or even members from other departments, in your center's marketing.