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Get to Know Your PlaceWise Peeps: Mike Falcone, Director of Media and Data

Name: Big Mike Falcone, a.k.a. Falcone.

Position: At the moment I am the Director of Media and Data. But I got my sights on the CEO role. #WatchOutJohnDee.

Hometown: I grew up in a town called Randolph, New Jersey – about 30 minutes outside NYC.

Education: I received my undergrad from Wittenberg University, a small liberal arts school in Ohio.

How long have you worked at PlaceWise?

A year and nine months, to be exact.

How long have you lived in Denver?

We’ve been in Denver just shy of three years. We moved out here from New Jersey in 2014 for my wife’s job with our two beautiful daughters, Lucy and Sophia. They are 7 and 5. They are insane. Lucy is absolutely crazy, and Sophia is a little firecracker. Sophia is a very good athlete though, she plays a ton of soccer, and Lucy doesn’t take any gruff and is just smart as a whip. High school will be interesting.

What are your favorite bars and restaurants in Denver?

Okay, here we go: favorite rooftop spot is Linger; favorite brunch spot is Four Friends Kitchen in Stapletopia (that’s the Stapleton neighborhood of Denver for all of you non-Coloradoans), with Snooze coming in second; favorite bar is… well, ones with the best happy hour specials; and favorite over all restaurant? That’s gotta be Work & Class.

Where is your favorite place to vacation in Colorado?

I L-O-V-E Colorado. I like to get my family outside as often as possible. Aspen and Vail are two favorite spots. Any place I can fly a jet into. 

What’s your favorite social media platform?

At the moment, my favorite social media platform is Reddit. My buddy Alexis founded the site.  I like Instagram, but I’ll spend more time on Reddit than other platforms. 

Summer or winter?

Summer. I have a big chili cook-off party every year at my house. One year I invited Anthony Bourdain, but he never got back to me. Bobby Flay, or Red Bob as we call him, stood me up too. Don’t even get me started on Guy Fieri.

Beer or wine?


Coffee or tea?


Dogs or cats?

Neither. I’m not a big fan of animals. I have a cat right now and I can’t stand my cat. I have two kids. I don’t need animals. My cat, he ONLY likes me. He ONLY follows me around and meows at me. It makes no sense. I’ll pick him up and show him my wife or daughters and say play with them! But he runs away, waits a few moments, and then comes back to me. If you want to adopt a cat, let me know.

Pancakes or waffles?

What kinds of questions are these? Seriously, you can do better than pancakes or waffles. Let me help you ask questions… 

(This is Falcone’s question) Here’s a good one: Who would more likely win in a fight – ninja or pirate?

Ninja, obviously. They have way more moves. Judo chop!

What’s your favorite type of music?

Well, I do love a good jam band. I am a big Phish guy. And I love to dance. If Prince comes on, watch out. I will hit the floor. I love ‘70s funk and ‘80s music, too. It just all gets me going. Also, I play a mean air guitar. Shapiro needs to take a few notes, though...

What’s your favorite PlaceWise moment?

The Christmas party this year was a lot of fun, and happy hours outside with the team are also the best!