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ICSC ReCon 2017: Las Vegas Recap

Normally, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... But we just have to share our favorite highlights from ReCON 2017 with you!


Here are our top takeaways from the annual conference hosted by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) and how PlaceWise solutions go hand-in-hand:


1. WiFi and WiFi enabled data strategies. More and more, centers are realizing that their WiFi networks are marketing gold, and we spoke to a lot of operators that are expanding their amenity WiFi capabilities.

WiFi provides centers with an exceptional opportunity to engage shoppers and understand consumer behavior on a local level so that they can better connect shoppers to the experience they want. To find how PlaceWise can help your WiFi network deliver more benefits to your center, check out our WiFi Engagement Services or contact your PlaceWise account rep.


2. Data matters and is becoming part of the vernacular. Like we talked about in one of our latest blog posts, big data is a big deal. Data has quickly become part of our everyday language in the industry, and it's only getting bigger.

PlaceWise has revolutionized the collection and organization of shopper data with the development of the Active Shopper Exchange (ASX). This pioneer data exchange is crucial for shopping centers because it gives us better insight into shoppers’ behaviors, tendencies, and preferences. It is this data set that tells us how people engage with a center’s digital assets and what their individual interests are so that we can deliver a more relevant experience when they visit that center — both on-premise and online.


3. Actionable Business Intelligence is becoming more important to marketers. Business Intelligence (BI) is the result of data translated into insights. Many of these insights are especially critical tools for marketers because they are actionable and give marketers much greater targeting capabilities than basic analytics and reporting are able to provide. Actionable BI provides marketers with the extra boost of marketing and targeting power that is needed to deliberately target and activate specific shoppers over others, and we heard a lot of marketing directors recognizing the need for actionable business intelligence.

Curious about how your center can generate and leverage its actionable Bl? Contact your account rep and find out how PlaceWise can help.


So that's what happened in Vegas (lots of top-secret info, as you can see). Your center's success doesn't have to be a gamble — knowing these three highlights, you've already hit the jackpot.