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Press Release: PlaceWise Media Announces Local Listings Product

28 March 2017


DENVER, CO - PlaceWise Media, the leading provider of digital media services to the shopping center industry, announced today the release of Local Listings – a fully integrated listings management service connected to all leading search engines, including Google and Bing.


Local Listings works with dozens of external data partners to ensure that online search results and local information listed for shopping centers within the PlaceWise network are accurate and easily accessible to the shopper. When a change is made in PlaceWise’s integrated marketing platform, RetailHub, it is published to all leading search engines and directories within minutes. Hours can be updated, images and logos selected, and additional information added.  


“73% of shoppers who buy in-store, begin their journey online. Making sure the results accurately represent your center is critical. We've seen all sorts of errors from incorrect hours to closures of open properties. Local Listings allows our clients, from within our system, to update hours, images, and center information,” said Wooga Yoo, PlaceWise’s VP of Operations.  


With users already relying on digital tools to improve their shopping trips, including Google, the importance of accurate information can’t be overstated. “We are already enabling our clients to publish information about their centers across a wide range of digital tools. Now, we can assure them that Google and other directories will be included in that as well.” said Yoo.


About PlaceWise Media

PlaceWise has been the leading provider of digital services to the shopping center industry since 1997. Delivering over 200 million digital shopper engagements per year on behalf its over 800 shopping center clients, PlaceWise is the trusted third party provider of digital services in this industry. PlaceWise uses digital technology to drive local shoppers to their local shopping center. For more information, visit 


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