Media Publishers & Agencies

Jeffrey Fraser

PlaceWise Media brings scale in quantity and quality of active shoppers, delivering shopping intenders to your partners by utilizing unique, first-party data. The PlaceWise network allows brands to offer shoppers engaging content and special offers and experiences along the path to purchase.  Broader reach and laser-focused targeting means the advertiser experiences the PlaceWise promise of "just who you want, right when they are ready.®"

Integrate branded content into our network, reaching millions of shoppers who have proven they are active and on the path to purchase.
Extend content to reach contextually relevant shoppers on the path to purchase – exponentially greater than your digital audience.
Enable your ads/advertorials with unique, valuable capabilities to convert readers into buyers.
Track those readers/shoppers for revenue attribution.
• Easily implement last minute buys and employ a “shop here; buy there” strategy.
• Real time access to advertising inventory is available on multiple platforms.