PlaceWise, Publisher Of Mall And Grocer Websites, Embraces Programmatic Sales

A pre-existing supply partner for Casale’s open exchange, “we wanted to elevate the value and have a more direct connection with the buyer and bring more of our data to bear,” said PlaceWise’s president, John Dee.

PlaceWise, like a number of other commerce-oriented platforms and retailpublishers, is relatively new to programmatic, and is just beginning to get its feet wet with the sales channel. One reason: Retail’s first order of business is typically to facilitate a sales transaction, not necessarily to streamline an insertion order.

“We started off as a provider of interactive services for the shopping center industry,” elaborated Dee. “Malls needed a website, email capabilities and then ultimately content, mobile services, SMS and social media integration, and we started to provide a full suite of services that engages their shoppers online.”

When managing digital feeds for brick-and-mortar shopping centers, PlaceWise realized it sat on a gold mine of shopper marketing data. (read more)